Board Governance

Receive expert local knowledge and strategic oversight with a Serica representative on your board.

Serica Board Governance Solution
Navigate with confidence

Making well informed, strategic decisions as a foreign entrant is a major challenge. Fragmented regional markets, opaque business practices, and constantly changing regulations – all amplified by complex cultural differences and political tensions – hamper your ability to plan, react, and grow effectively. Companies need local expertise they can trust to navigate through the twists and turns of the Chinese market.

Serica’s Board Governance solution onboards a local Serica expert into your company as a non-executive director or advisor. With professionals spanning different industries, disciplines, and backgrounds we are able to match you with the director or advisor that best meets your needs so you can mitigate risks and seize opportunities with confidence.

Our Process

Serica | Board Governance | Define

Define the competencies, experience, and interpersonal skills that best fit your culture, strategy, and goals.

Serica | Board Governance | Match

Engage with handpicked Serica experts that match your needs and select one to join your board of directors.

Serica | Board Governance | Support

Your new non-executive director (or advisor) begins to provide strategic oversight, governance, and other support.

The Serica Advantage

  • Strategic oversight to help streamline your decision making, business plans, and other essential activities;
  • Local knowledge of different sectors – our experts identify trends, potential risks, and the next big opportunities with speed and precision, helping you navigate through China with confidence;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Direct access to the Serica Launchpad an extensive network of corporates, state-owned enterprises, investment firms, universities, and startups;
  • Enhanced credibility that you can leverage at home and in the Chinese market; and
  • Flexible models of engagement to suit your company size, scope, and commercial goals, enabling you to plan your budget and resources more effectively.